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REBIRTH: Milk Digital™ launches their new brand

If you are familiar with Milk’s brand, you would have noticed a recent transition – primarily on our new website. However, you may be wondering, why would we need to change our logo? After all, the "old" one has only been in use a few years and we still get comments from people liking the design.

» Improved message of service offering…
When Milk Digital™ began, we were fore mostly a web design and interactive agency. However, nowadays we design across many different mediums, such as projects for Cafés and Exhibition Signage. Even though the majority of our creative process is digital, we wanted to highlight the word “Milk Digital™” more and have less emphasis on “Digital”.

A survey of our clients carried out last year showed that awareness of our full range of services was not always apparent. Many companies would engage us to design and develop a website, without realising we could have also helped them in more initial stages such as their branding, signage and other marketing materials.

So making our brand more design generic allows us to promote all the services we offer without confusion or restriction, both now and in the future.

» Making our brand 2010 proof…
Our logo was also redesigned to give it a more timeless and contemporary look. The previous logo was based on an isometric origami theme. Because of the isometric angles, it was difficult to work into other design elements and applications. The new logo is more fluid – in line with the visual created when thinking about Milk Digital™. It is modern, easy to apply across different mediums and is more easily read and recognisable.

» A new spark of creativity and energy…
A new brand sparks a creative rebirth within the company and forces a revision of tired sales and marketing collateral. This spark has first manifested itself with our new website design and will shortly be applied company wide in a big sales and marketing drive in 2007.

Our new brand also provides energy internally. It has given us renewed excitement in the years ahead and renewed pride in our work and work place.

Give us a call to see how we can help your companies branding reach more customers, outshine your competitors and renew staff loyalty and drive.

Managing Director.

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Milk Digital™ launches
their new brand

If you are familiar with Milk’s brand, you would have noticed a recent transition primarily on our new website.


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